The PSR Team

Sylvia Villamar

Administration Manager

Sylvia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the New Sales Division at PSR, having held various roles in reception working with Milborne Real Estate Inc., office administration with Cresford Developments, and now, Administration Manager at PSR Brokerage.

Sylvia’s involvement starts at the early stages of a project launch to ensure that all aspects of the administration department (including deal file preparation, digital files, office set up, and the construction of master sales reports), are all carefully established prior to and throughout the duration of each project.

Daily operations include overseeing the administrative team to ensure every aspect of the deal process has been carefully navigated between all parties and to analyze and reconcile daily reporting.

Successful sites include:

– The Residences at Muskoka Bay [Freed Developments]

– The Plant [Curated Properties / Windmill Developments]

The Bluffs [Skale]

– Briar Towns [Trollybus Urban Developments]

– 346 Davenport [Freed Developments]

– 150 Redpath [Freed Developments / Capital Developments]

– Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos [Freed Developments / Capital Developments]

– 35 Wabash [Zinc Developments]

– 155 Redpath [Freed Developments / Capital Developments]

– Casa I, II, III [Cresford Developments]

– 1 Thousand Bay [Cresford Developments]

– MYC [Cresford Developments]

– NXT1 + NXT2 [Cresford Developments]

– The Vox [Cresford Developments]

– Lofts 399 [Cresford Developments]