The PSR Team

Sarah Collins

Sales Representative

Sarah Collins established an eponymous high-end, luxury style and image consulting firm almost twenty years ago. Working as a private liaison with her clients, she developed the trust of them in all delicate matters of their being, from confidence and self esteem to personal fashion and branding.

However, Sarah soon began to find the relationships she developed with those clients transcended clothes. After all, she was providing full service lifestyle solutions to elevate their needs to the crux of where the heart is: the home. So, in other words, her recent venture into real estate has since been a natural evolution and extension of what Sarah’s been doing for nearly two decades. She’s just parlayed it into the latest facility she offers.

As such, Sarah Collins’ mission is to provide the best possible style aesthetic to match her buyers and sellers. Her integrity, professionalism, excellent customer service, precision to turnkey detail and efficient use of time endeavours to make the transaction both easy and fun — no matter what the product.