The PSR Team

Mikko Moores

Sales Representative

When Mikko Moores moved to Toronto, her first real estate experience left her less than impressed. The impression she got was that she only deserved the bare minimum of time. But when she finally went to look at places with someone, that realtor came prepared, even bringing cold bottled water for her. Mikko quickly realized it was the very small details that make all the difference in being a good agent. Now operating as one herself, Mikko endeavours to treat all clients with the same amount of care and attention that she values.

As a former investment banker, Mikko also possesses a solid understanding of real estate from a financial perspective, thereby putting a lot of emphasis on the property’s investment analysis. Her experiences living in major global cities — and making friends from all over the world — further informs her understanding of people and what makes a happy life.

Although conceding her job title says ‘sales representative’, Mikko loves how much this industry allows her to discover about a client’s dreams, and how she can then construct a road to that dream. Which is no doubt why Mikko Moores prefers to consider herself a ‘finder’ and a ‘builder’.