The PSR Team

Karina Wu

Lead Graphic Designer

PSR’s lead graphic designer, Karina Wu has been in love with art and design since the day she picked up her first crayon. It’s no surprise that she wanted to pursue a creative career, as both of Karina’s parents worked in publishing while she was growing up. At only 8 years old, Karina designed and assembled her first magazine, a testament to the advanced skill she brings to the profession. Karina graduated from OCAD University with a major in Graphic Design, and sees herself not just a designer but a creative problem solver. She strives to design content that excites, innovates, and creates value, while illuminating the subject and igniting viewers. At PSR, Karina’s mission is creating, growing, and learning with her fellow colleagues and the agents, while elevating PSR’s brand by distilling its core messaging down to its clearest and freshest visual form.