The PSR Team

Jeremy Daniel Alexander Head

Sales Representative

To put it mildly, Jeremy Head thrives on getting to know what makes people fall in love with a property. It’s a chief reason he ran his family-owned groundskeeping business prior to becoming a real estate professional — an experience which not only informed Jeremy in how to better understand the value of a dollar and the effort it takes to get to where you want financially, but also in making time to listen to those he works with and identifying their needs and wants from the outset.

This approach is one he even applies to himself! In fact, one of Jeremy’s biggest milestones was purchasing his own first property in 2016, with an ongoing goal being to continue buying properties as investments.

As far as his clients go, Jeremy endeavours for them to live their lifestyle to the fullest, whether they achieve that through real estate equity or the ability to travel, engage in fitness and dine out every night at a different restaurant. Because whatever the pursuit, as far as Jeremy Head is concerned, a home should categorically reflect its owner’s passions. And for him, helping buyers and sellers make that connection represents one of his greatest joys.