The PSR Team

Jeff Cercone

Sales Representative

Diligently dedicated to the pursuit of realizing personal and professional goals, I am driven to providing you with my best.

Toronto’s fast paced, competitive real estate market can often make buying and selling a hectic process. I pride myself on minimizing this stress by constantly being accessible to my clients, addressing their concerns and educating them on the unknown. This, coupled with a compassionate approach to their needs, helps make the process as enjoyable as possible.

With an education in business and years of experience as a multi-unit franchisee, I’m no stranger to the art of hard work; more importantly, to the craft of building and maintaining relationships. This ability to establish wholesome and rewarding connections with people provides for an experience that is anything but transactional.

From first meet, to final signing, my honest and trustworthy nature offers a level of comfort and peace of mind throughout the entire journey.  If you’re looking to explore your interest in the real estate market, let’s connect and discuss how I can turn your interest into reality.