The PSR Team

Jason DeLuca


Infatuated with design from an early age, Jason DeLuca grew up wanting to be an architect. But after graduating university, he fatefully found himself working in sales management — within the health and fitness space, to be specific. There, Jason soon found himself tasked with trading something that was not tangible, but rather a hope for a future result. It got him thinking: would he be able to help people live better?

The answer Jason arrived at didn’t just bolster his commitment to guiding people through life-changing experiences. It also set the groundwork for his entry into real estate. And now, as a registered sales professional, he’s not only been afforded the chance to work with a product he’s long been passionate about, but to continue building those kinds of lasting relationships with consumers.

As a member of the PSR team, Jason puts integrity at the forefront. What’s more, he’s confident his approach is special. In countering the increasingly transactional nature of today’s housing market, he promotes a very bespoke experience. One where he will do every little thing he can for his buyers and sellers throughout the process, plus long after it’s been completed.

In other words: Jason DeLuca is all about quality of business over volume.