The PSR Team

Diana Benalcazar

Project Administrator

Diana’s efficiency and attention to detail is an invaluable asset achieved from her wealth of experience administering multiple projects over the years with PSR. Responsible for the daily operations of the development, Diana’s responsibilities within her role (such as preparing all legal documents, amendments, co-operation agreements, and follow-up of any items in arrears) are always married with outstanding customer service.

Successful sites include:

– The Residences at Muskoka Bay [Freed Developments]

The Bluffs [Skale]

– Briar Towns [Trollybus Urban Developments]

– 150 Redpath [Freed Developments / Capital Developments]

– Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos [Freed Developments / Capital Developments]

– 155 Redpath [Freed Developments / Capital Developments]

– South Hill on Madison [Burnac Developments]