The PSR Team

Aneeta Parmar


Aneeta Parmar once worked in finance straight out of university, where as a student, she specialized in economics. However, she was always interested in real estate — just admittedly too nervous to make the jump. But when Aneeta finally did, she never looked back.

Nowadays, as a realtor every bit as in tune with numbers and trends (because of her background in economics) as she is gifted with people and relationships (thanks to her experience in investor relations), Aneeta is often lauded by her clients for being honest, open and trustworthy. Simply put, she has a knack not just for making them feel special, but ensuring they’re informed, relaxed and plain ol’ having fun.

No, it’s not the easiest hat trick to pull off, but Aneeta scores time in and time out by incorporating her own life into her business. The result? An experience that is comfortable and transparent from beginning to end. One that’s inherently authentic.

“All you have to do is write one true sentence,” the great Ernest Hemingway once said. “Write the truest sentence that you know.” If any quote could accordingly illustrate Aneeta Parmar’s genuine approach to the career she’s chosen, let it be that.