The PSR Team

Adam Stern

President / Managing Partner, Resale

At the young age of 16, Adam embarked on his first entrepreneurial journey. He opened an electronic wholesale business that he owned, operated, and managed until eventually selling it 4 years later at the young age of 20.

Adam entered the real estate business at age 21 and was instantly respected by his peers. They specifically sought him out for his unique business development strategies, entrepreneurial mindset, relationships, and marketing acumen that he originally gained from his wholesale business.

Since that time, Adam has spent the last 15 years training and managing over 3,000 realtors and over $7 Billion of sales, resulting in an acute understanding of how to guide agents and their businesses toward prosperous growth in this ever-changing industry.

As PSR’s President and Managing Partner of Resale, his goal is simple – provide meaningful insight for agents to cultivate lucrative and long-lasting businesses. By remaining at the forefront of branding and marketing trends, and treating each agent as an entrepreneur, Adam is able to provide those he mentors with a competitive edge. He respects that no successful business is curated alone, and through cherished relationships and strategic collaborations, Adam has fostered an environment that encourages innovation and development for PSR and it’s agents.