Good To Know: Choosing a Realtor in Toronto

It can be a daunting task when choosing a realtor in Toronto and the GTA, especially since there are over 55,000 of them. However, this is one of the most important decisions you will make (aside from deciding to sell your home of course). The realtor that you work with during this process will largely influence the entire transaction. You will be spending a large portion of your time with this person and trusting them with one of the most important transactions in your life. Therefore, it is vital that you select a real estate professional you are comfortable with and who fits your needs. 

In order to ensure you’ve made the best possible choice, here are three things to do before choosing a realtor in Toronto and the GTA. 

1. Ask For Recommendations

Make a List Realtors

As mentioned earlier, there are over 55,000 realtors in Toronto and the GTA. Your first step towards choosing a realtor is asking friends and family if they know or have a worked with an agent in the past. Recommendations from the people closest to you are usually the most trustworthy. Then, do a quick Google search for top realtors in your location. Finally, check your mailbox! It’s likely that you have a flyer or two from realtors in your neighbourhood. Once you’ve assembled a list of 5-8 realtors from this quick search, you’re ready for the next step. 

2. Research These Realtors

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Now that you’ve assembled your list of 5-8 realtors in Toronto and the GTA, it’s time to do some digging. Google their names and see what comes up. Do they have a website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and/or Instagram account? It is important to review their activity on their channels because it will allow you to do two things: 

1. Get a sense of who they are – the type of posts they make will say a lot about their lifestyle and personality. You’ll be spending a good amount of time with this realtor and you ideally want to find an agent who you will like and trust throughout the transaction. 

2. Experience of the agent – there are a large group of agents who will post about their past transactions and experiences, which will give you an idea of their qualifications. Others will have reviews on their Google or Facebook accounts, which will allow you to review first-hand accounts from their past clients. 

Once you’ve done a little digging, narrow your list of realtors down to 2-3 and you’re ready for the next step. 

3. Meet the Realtors

Amber Yu Realtor PSR Toronto

After asking around and doing your research on potential realtors in Toronto and the GTA, you’re ready for the next step: interviews. Social media will only tell you so much about the agent. Meeting the realtor in person is important to get a feel for their personality and to allow you to ask specific questions. 

Many realtors will have a presentation or information package with them for you to review. The package will include more detailed information about who they are, what they offer, and their past experience. Take this home and go through it in detail. 

Choosing a Realtor Toronto

By taking the time to ask friends and family, doing research online, and meeting with a handful of potential realtors, you will ensure that you choose a realtor in Toronto and the GTA that will make the home selling experience as smooth as possible. 

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Article by: Kenneth Laroza, Broker of Record, PSR Brokerage

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