The PSR Digital Handshake: Meet Maude Greisman

Name: Maude Greisman
Known Nicknames: Maudie
I am: Really fun
Neighbourhood of Residence: Annex
Previous Professional Life: Professional Equestrian

Getting to know Maude Greisman in ten questions:

1. What made you decide to get into real estate?

I need to always feel challenged by myself and real estate seemed like the best way to do that on a daily basis

2. Where would we find you on a Friday night in Toronto?

Eating a mountain of Korean food at Korea House or having an wine and cheese night with friends

3. Most embarrassing real-estate moment:

One of my first client’s ever had brought their parents to see the house they wanted to offer on. I proceeded to lock everyone out in the pouring rain and got covered in mud trying to break in,

4. Who stands out to you / do you most admire in the business world right now?

Forever Suze Orman – I am old school like that.

5. What is the career philosophy / mantra / inspirational quote that gets you through tougher days?

Life could always be worse, one day I will look back on the tough days and laugh at myself or the situation. I just think it is important to always stay true to yourself and then you know you have always done your best.

6. What is your theme song?

The main song from Star Wars

7. Describe your dream home in three words.

Quiet, farm, pretty

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Being one of Toronto’s most influential people.

9. When you’re not wheeling + dealing real estate, what can we find you doing?

Petting ponies or exploring new snack spots

10. Highlight of 2018 so far:

Joining PSR!