The PSR Digital Handshake: Meet Merina Quaggiotto

Name: Merina Quaggiotto.

Known Nicknames: Mermaid, Mer, Quaggi.

I am: A badass business woman.

Neighbourhood of Residence: Liberty Village.

Previous Professional Life: I am a recent grad, but I started off as an associate for JLL’s Industrial West and Downtown office before deciding to make the switch over to residential real estate.

Getting to know Merina Quaggiotto in ten questions:

1. What made you decide to get into real estate?

My family owns and operates a construction company, so I have grown up on job sites. I have always loved watching buildings go up; I find it so amazing how a huge hole in the ground ends up transforming into an intricate building. I worked as a server and bartender throughout university, and loved the energy (and insane hours) overall and the novelty of constantly being surrounded by all sorts of people. It is so satisfying knowing that you are making people happy… So naturally, real estate sales just made sense for me!

2. Where would we find you on a Friday night in Toronto?

Ah! Tough one. My fiancée runs an entertainment company so we attend a lot of really cool events (which often occur on Fridays). When I’m not event-hopping, my ideal Friday evening would consist of a nice dinner with close friends, and closing out drinks at a downtown hotel lobby. I love both the Ritz and Bisha; you never know who you are going to meet or bump into… Always a good time.

3. Most embarrassing real-estate moment:

I was assisting on a commercial property tour for a large Fortune 500 client. The CFO and other executives had flown in specially to attend this tour (this was back in my downtown office days), and we were taking an elevator up to see the site. So, the elevator opens on a floor, and as one does, I confidently walked out. The whole tour group followed and we all just kept walking down the building’s hallway. Eventually (and thankfully), the broker leading the tour clued into the fact we as a group were just aimlessly wandering around this floor, so he checked his notes and realized that we were completely in the wrong place (and late for our showing) after the entire group (for some reason) followed me down this random hallway.

4. Who stands out to you / do you most admire in the business world right now?

Barbara Ciesla, Emilie Cushman, and Mary Ann Tighe.

5. What is the career philosophy / mantra / inspirational quote that gets you through tougher days?

“Whatever you do, as long as you operate with honesty, intelligence and integrity, the universe will have your back. Always.” – Unknown.

6. What is your theme song?

No Diggity – Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre + Queen Pen.

7. Describe your dream home in three words.

Classic, elegant, bright.

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?

In a general sense, I see myself in five years having a happy family, watching Toronto’s continued growth as a city, feeling successful and established in my brand and business, and having the opportunity to travel and adventure with friends and family.

9. When you’re not wheeling + dealing real estate, what can we find you doing?

My fiancée and I love to travel – especially quick and easy trips – Montreal is our favourite place for a weekend escape.

10. Highlight of 2017 so far:

Joining the PSR Team and getting engaged! 🙂

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