Toronto’s Most Dazzling Condo Lobby Designs, Vol. 1

With the condo market even more competitive as of late than in recent years, unique lobbies have become something of a calling card for new Toronto condominium projects. After all, they form an opportunity for developers to create a lasting first impression off the bat, and typically cater to the diverse neighbourhoods in which they are situated.

This is not to suggest that floor plans and amenities don’t still top the list for prospective buyers. No, we can safely advise that you shouldn’t be investing in a condo because of how charming its entrance hall is. But the point remains: stunning lobbies are of definite interest to current and soon-to-be condo dwellers. If you require any more proof of that, the Toronto Star even addressed the topic in a recent editorial.

As that piece stressed, the condo lobby has transformed into a social environment for building residents. Without a front porch, it functions as the place where you meet and talk, as well as initially impress your friends and family.

The catalog of condos with magnificent lobbies is admirable, and lucky for you, continuously expanding. So without further adieu, here’s our debut instalment of the most dazzling condo lobby designs—both new and coming soon—in Toronto.


Builder: Freed Developments + Capital Developments

Interior Designer: Cecconi Simone

Considering the lobby (and building itself) hasn’t even been constructed yet, we’re cheating a bit by featuring Art Shoppe here. And for the record, it’s actually going to be two lobbies, not just a single one. But with design icon Karl Lagerfeld at the helm—a true coup for Freed Developments and Cecconi Simone—how could we not highlight the most buzz-worthy inclusion on this list? The real question will be which Art Shoppe lobby gets all the attention. First, there is the Soudan—Lagerfeld’s vision of extraordinary living. This foyer intends to show off his signature touch of luxurious materials, graceful lines and unexpected details at every turn. Then there’s the Hillside—exquisitely tailored, elegantly proportioned and certain to reflect how Lagerfeld blends contemporary trends with enduring style.

Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos Soudan Lobby interior, designed by Karl Lagerfeld.
art shoppe lobbies by karl
Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos Hillside Lobby interior, designed by Karl Lagerfeld.
“The lobbies at Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos will feature oversized bookshelves which will hold books that Lagerfeld will choose himself, large circular mirrors, dark furniture and bold chandeliers.” – Karl Lagerfeld’s initial sketch for the interior design of the Art Shoppe Condos + Lofts lobby space.


Builder: Lifetime Developments

Interior Designer: Tomas Pearce

Lifetime Developments had a long-term strategy in mind when mapping out the lobby at the Bond—their innovative Entertainment District complex, which offers what they deem a “connected lifestyle experience”. Since the Bond is stationed in such a busy locale, Lifetime searched out durable materials intended to withstand the high volume of traffic passing through it on a daily basis. Furthermore, the lobby’s been conceived in such a way to not only meet current trends, but maintain an aesthetic unaffected by the passage of time or changes in fashion. Just consider its podium format, natural stone walls, custom artwork and contemporary light pillar. The result is an expanse beneficial both to residents who seek a feeling of permanence in their own space, as well as to Lifetime themselves—remember, the approach likely eliminates the need to revise the lobby’s layout for several years to come… if ever!

the bond lobby
The Bond lobby – interior.
the bond project
The Bond – project exterior.


Builder: Cresford Developments

Interior Designer: N/A

Okay, if we included Art Shoppe on the basis of it boasting Chanel’s head designer—despite not physically existing yet—then we can do the same with CASA III, which will showcase a lobby furnished with Hermès. Be sure to note the previous sentence reads that the lobby will be decked out with Hermès, not by Hermès. To be clear, this is not an official collaboration with the French high fashion house. However that will probably matter little to its residents. This commitment to haute style is nothing new from Cresford. The developer used Armani at the original CASA and Missoni Home at CASA II. Additionally, the CASA III lobby will stand at a soaring twenty feet and overlook a tranquil water feature.

casa 3
Casa III entryway – exterior.
casa 3 lobby 2
Casa III Lobby – interior.
casa 3 water
Casa III Lobby – water feature, interior.
casa 3 lobby
Casa III Lobby – overlooking water feature, interior.







Builder: Menkes Developments

Interior Designer: Studio Munge

Conceived by Alessandro Munge and his eponymous studio, the striking lobby at Pears on the Avenue strives to create an atmosphere which bucks the trends of modern design. In other words, something timeless and warm, rather than sterile and cold. Accordingly, the focus is on textures, layers and inviting finishes. If there is a centrepiece in the Pears lobby to be singled out, hands down it’s the imposing, sculptural staircase. It actually connects two spaces—first trailing off to a gym that looks over the pool, and then over to the theatre, yoga studio, party room and outdoor terrace. A round of applause for Menkes Development, please!

pears lobby
Pears on the Avenue Lobby – interior.
pears on the ave
Pears on the Avenue outdoor amenity space – exterior.