When A Real Estate Lifestyle Film Goes Viral

A real estate film made by two of our sales representatives, Karyn Filiatrault and Corrie Hain went viral yesterday, to “mixed” reactions across the country within the last 48 hours.

PSR remains strong advocates of the agents and their unique selling strategy amid the good and not-so-good press that has sprouted from the media attention to it. In Filiatrault’s words, “The reaction to something I conceptualized with no ill will intended has been visceral – love on one side, and well… Not so much love on the other.”

There are some who interpreted the film to be sexist. That was absolutely not the intent of the film, and we offer a sincere apology to those that felt offended by the film. 

The film was meant to be interpreted as light-hearted, entertaining, and completely fictional, to showcase the beautiful condo suite for sale in an engaging and non-traditional format. 

PSR has always and remains to be an advocate and champion for gender equality and female empowerment. Filiatrault is a top producing sales representative at the brokerage, as well as Hain, who is also a partner at the brokerage. We are extremely proud of both their professional achievements, and equally proud to have them as an integral part of our PSR family.