What to Do (and NOT to do) While Waiting for Offer Acceptance

You did it! You pulled the trigger and submitted an offer on your dream house. First off, CONGRATULATIONS! But now the wait begins. And those hours—which can stretch on and on and on—before your offer is either accepted… or, ugh, rejected… can feel like an eternity.

Here are a few quick suggestions on what to do (and what NOT to do) during that interim.


1) Wine. One glass. Two. Maybe three. Because wine not? Taking the edge off is vital! (Be conservative though as you might have some more big decisions to make that night… Decisions best contemplated with a clear head!)


2) Reconsider that next vacation. Perhaps you’ve heard that bidding wars in Toronto are a thing? You might need that next thousand dollars or two or ten. Especially if it’s a big trip with the kids. Don’t worry, Europe has been around several thousand years and will still be waiting for you.

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3) Go look at some other houses. Seriously. Like we just said, it’s a crazy market in Toronto and you could get shut out by other buyers. And just because you went on a ‘date’ with one house doesn’t mean you’re committed yet. Play the field!


4) Do nothing. I repeat… Do NOTHING. Not to be a downer, but here are a couple things you probably shouldn’t do yet: don’t pick out paint colours, buy furniture online, or order a moving truck. What’s that they say about counting chickens before they hatch?


5) Be confident. If we’ve so far painted a gloomy picture about the proceedings, it was not intentional. We just want you to be prepared for either outcome. Which also means you should be ready for the good one!! After all, you presumably made the best offer you could and have an agent you trust to get the deal done within your parameters. So relax. You just might get this sucker!


6) Go see a movie. What better way to pass the time? Or stream one. Be intelligent in your choices though. The Money Pit starring Tom Hanks—where a young couple meets a lonely old con artist who sells them a beautiful mansion at a ridiculously low price that falls apart the second they move in the house—would NOT be our first choice.


7) Get together with your friends. Especially ones who have been through the process if you haven’t. You’ll quickly realize that, whatever the result, life goes on!!


8) If you’re still getting anxious while waiting for offer acceptance, there are a dozen other things you could do that we haven’t mentioned. Don’t do this though: do not spy on or sabotage other potential buyers! Not that we’re assuming you would… but these stressful situations bring out an interesting side in people!

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9) Remind yourself that what’s meant to be will be. Enough said.


10) Another glass of wine! There are plenty of fish in the sea if this deal doesn’t work out, so don’t fret and keep going after what you’re looking for. Best of luck!