CONNECTED: 5 Cutting Edge Apps to Help You Settle Into Your New Home + Neighbourhood

Moving is about so much more than relocating from house to house or city to city. It’s often about picking up and laying your roots down somewhere entirely new. From as close as the other side of town to as far as across the country, a big move often signifies the necessity—and opportunity—to start all over. Maybe not always professionally, but definitely in terms of acclimating to a new property and community. So on that note, allow us to do our part in helping the onerous process. Here are a few of our favourite cutting edge apps to help you settle into your new home and neighbourhood…

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 10.13.42 AMBoxit

Too much stuff and not enough space? This app is for the physical move to your fresh digs. Boxit is a brand new solution for your personal storage needs, bringing innovative technological solutions to make your life simpler. Simply hop online and order your plastic storage boxes, which are delivered to your doorstep free of charge. When you’ve finished packing, just schedule a time and they’ll be stored at Boxit’s secure facility for only $7 a month. That ain’t all either. The app not only lets you take pictures of the items you store in each box to create a visual catalogue, but you can get your stuff back any time you want by making an online request for next-day delivery. Doesn’t get much simpler than that, now does it?



paul arlin, jaimie grossman, ryan shupak
Jiffy co-founders Paul Arlin, Jaimie Grossman, and Ryan Shupak.

Spending too much time sourcing reputable home service providers and frustrated trying to schedule appointments? This app is for prompt repairs as you settle into the new place. Jiffy is a web and mobile platform that connects homeowners with service providers in real time, based on proximity and availability. With Jiffy, homeowners can book home services on demand, from pre-vetted and top-ranked service professionals, with fair and transparent rates—all billed to your credit card on file. So far, Jiffy services include Appliance Repair, BBQ Cleaning, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Duct Cleaning, Electrical, Furniture Assembly, Garage Door Repair, Gas Services, Handyman Services, Heating & Cooling, Home Inspection, Junk Removal, Lawn Maintenance, Locksmith, Mobile Auto Detail, Mobile Auto Service, Mobile Tire Change, Moving & Delivery, Painting, Pest Control, Plumbing, Powerwash, Snow Removal and Windows & Eaves. The app has been hailed as ‘an the Uber for home services’, and we don’t dispute that.



Lost your keys already? This app is for making sure you never get locked out of the house again. By storing a digital copy of your house key, KeyMe transforms the way you manage your keys, for the first time putting you in control of when and where you can access them. Their key maker app securely copies keys online from your phone to the cloud by letting you snap a photo of your key. The app then determines the two pieces of info any locksmith needs to make a copy: what type of key to pull off the wall, and the series of four letters and numbers representing the depth and spacing of the teeth pattern. Then you can go print it at your nearest kiosk (such as a 7-Eleven or Bed Bath & Beyond) if you get locked out and order key duplicates. The end result is that you no longer have to worry about losing your keys, dealing with frustrating lockouts, or finding an open locksmith ever again. The cost of this? $9.99. Sure beats having to change the lock for $150.


spotted by localsSpotted by Locals

Looking to explore your new ‘hood or for specific places to go? This app is for insider tips from handpicked city-loving residents. Spotted by Locals is publisher of 67 alternative, distinctive and original city guides. Each city blog and 100% offline mobile app is created by a curated community of inhabitant writers and photographers. Their Spotters live in the city they write about, speak the local language, write only about their favorite spots, and keep their tips up-to-date. No tourist highlights here, just unique recommendations from those in the know.


Image via @bonjourblissblog and @notummymommy.


Feel like going for a morning run around the block or just breaking a sweat but want one of the neighbours to join you? This app is for breaking into a nearby and accessible exercise circle. WHISTLE is a social fitness platform designed to help users connect with fellow local exercise enthusiasts looking for a training buddy. Through a selection of personal filters, users match based on their activity interest, timing preference, age range, and proximity. They make finding your workout partner effortless through a basic matching principle controlled by back end algorithms. Your early morning squash partner or late night lifting accomplice is truly just a swipe away.


Feature image via Kaboompics.