The PSR Digital Handshake: Meet Karyn Filiatrault

Name: Karyn Filiatrault.

Known Nicknames: Filly, or Karyn-with-a-y.

I am: A Downtown Toronto Realtor, Purveyor of the ‘Real Estate Lifestyle Film’ (yes, film), Girl Boss, Life-Lover, and Mother. The lines between my personal and professional life are fuzzy in the best possible way.

Neighbourhood of Residence: Riverdale.

Previous Professional Life: Discovery Channel Television Producer.

Getting to know Karyn Filiatrault in 10 questions:

  1. What made you decide to get into real estate?
    I took my real estate courses when I was 6 and 9 months pregnant with my son, the idea being that my (former) husband and I would pair up and become one of those husband-and-wife realtor teams. We didn’t exactly kill it as a team as we got divorced a year and a bit later, and believe it or not, in that entire time I hadn’t done one deal on my own. I made the commitment to the hustle when faced with two roads post-divorce, and couldn’t be more grateful for the path I ultimately chose. The “Home Sweet Karyn” brand was developed through my passion for enabling clients to feel truly “at home” when purchasing properties to suit their lifestyle and priorities, whatever those may be.
  1. Where would we find you on a Friday night in Toronto?
    Crafting up a bully offer on a property and moving in on it fast – now more than ever. Or, on the other side of the spectrum, drinking wine under a patio umbrella with friends while the kids play in the yard.
  1. Most embarrassing real-estate moment:
    It started with getting caught in an epic rainstorm with a brand new client. We couldn’t find parking so I had to park two blocks away, and then the meter didn’t want to take my card. The downpour on the walk over was so intense that I was forced to toss the umbrella on the street and embrace the shower, only to show up at the condo I was showing with mascara dripping down my face and a half see-through shirt – and come face-to-face with a rival agent. All was not lost though, as we did what all good rivals do – go for wine after the showing, haha.
  1. Who stands out to you / do you most admire in the business world right now?
    I follow two amazing women on Instagram: Tracy Moore, host of Cityline (@thetracymoore), and Tamara Taggart, an anchor with CTV News (@tamarataggart). They are giant to me because they are everyday individuals with very genuine daily messages of strength, at work, at home, and in life.
  1. What is the career philosophy / mantra /inspirational quote that gets you through tougher days?
    “If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door.”
  1. What is your theme song?
    You Get What You Give – New Radicals.
  1. Describe your dream home in 3 words.
    Character, cozy, brick + beam.
  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Hopefully as happy and as grateful for my career, son, and life as I am today.
  1. When you’re not wheeling + dealing real estate, what can we find you doing?
    Spending time and playing with my beloved 5-year-old son Max, cycling, spinning, road-tripping, “restaurant-ing”, competitive-board game playing, and/or travelling to one of the places on my non-bucket list.
  1. Highlight of 2016 so far:
    Getting the keys to my own new (extremely old) house; booking travel plans to Peru for later this year; and switching brokerages and joining the PSR team.