The PSR Digital Handshake: Meet Chris Metler

Name: Chris Metler

Known Nicknames: “The C.M Program”, given by myself. Or “Stetts”, arrived at by both my friends and I – over the last decade it somehow evolved from “Mets” to “Metty” to “Steady Metty” to “Steady” to “Stetty” to full-ish circle at “Stetts”.

I am:  Realtor. Writer. Fighter.

Neighbourhood of Residence: Rosedale + Yorkville.

Previous Professional Life: Freelance writer (still active) and luxury retailer. Also taught diving in the Philippines many moons ago. Way before that, I was a banker.

Getting to know Chris Metler in 10 questions:

  1. What made you decide to get into real estate?
    A fresh start, to be honest. Admittedly, I discovered my talent and passion for the job after I got rolling.
  1. Where would we find you on a Friday night in Toronto?
    These days, mostly behaving before an early Saturday morning open house or round of weekend showings. But previously? The incomparable Footwork (R.I.P.) before it closed!
  1. Most embarrassing real-estate moment:
    Anytime I’m faced with a wall of lockboxes at a big condo and zero specific instructions on which (out of the hundred) it is, it’s a pretty embarrassing moment. Nobody wants to see their realtor devolve from incredulousness to utter contempt to panic and confusion to just pure, unadulterated defeat.
  1. Who stands out to you / do you most admire in the business world right now?
    It may seem cliché, but my parents. My mum, who is the President and CEO of Hermès Canada. She brought the brand to Toronto 25+ years ago and has built it into something really special across the country – a true role model in business. And my dad, who is the definition of a self-made man. Wisest guy I know.
  1. What is the career philosophy / mantra /inspirational quote that gets you through tougher days?
    “It’s tough to get out of bed to do roadwork at 5AM when you’ve been sleeping in silk pyjamas.” – Marvelous Marvin Halger. He was a legendary hard-nosed fighter whose quote suggests how easy it is to grow comfortable once you become successful. You need to stay hungry.
  1. What is your theme song?
    I’ve got a dozen theme songs for a dozen moods… For real estate though, let’s say “Paid In Full” by Eric B. & Rakim. Very fitting.
  1. Describe your dream home in 3 words.
    On a beach.
  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Comfortable, healthy, and being recognized in whatever I do.
  1. When you’re not wheeling + dealing real estate, what can we find you doing?
  1. Highlight of 2016 so far:
    As a real estate agent? Ask me in person, too many highlights to single out one. As a writer? Being sent to Dubai to cover some of their most vibrant nightlife venues. As a part-time boxer? Fighting my third year straight, this time with my PSR Manager / fellow boxing junkie (Ken) training my opponent, plus my PSR boss (Eric), PSR mentor and old friend (Oral), and treasured PSR colleague (Kristin) in attendance. That was special.