Our Quick Toronto Neighbourhood Companion, Vol. 1

They call Toronto the ‘city of neighbourhoods’, and with over 239 of them, they ain’t lyin’.

Yes, the 6ix is a town that truly defines itself by a rich tapestry of spirited locales. That could be a lot to digest though if you’re a newcomer to the city / “the big smoke”. But fret not, we’ve got you covered with this quick primer on some of our favourite Toronto stomping grounds – described in one sentence or less.

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The Annex

A vibrant, student-friendly hub that showcases busy bars, lively cafés, and mostly inexpensive bites (especially if you crave cheap sushi).


The Beaches

So named because of its three beaches situated on Lake Ontario, here’s an area that feels more like a lakeside resort town than your typical Toronto neighbourhood.


Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 9.58.25 AMFinancial District
Welcome to ground zero for Toronto’s power brokers, investment bankers, high stakes lawyers, and Bay Street movers ‘n shakers.


Forest Hill

One of Toronto’s most prestigious districts and home to some of the city’s most affluent residents, luxurious mansions, and the ever-crowded Village.


The Junction

Formed by three sets of railroad tracks on the north, west, and east sides, here’s where Toronto’s west end bustle meets small town charm.


King West

A popular, popped collar destination for high-end, stylish clubs, buzzworthy restaurants, and swanky new condos—our version of Soho, if you will.



Called “Hipsterville East” by the Toronto Star, it’s become one of the funkiest places around to drink, dine, live, and shop.

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Little Italy

Come for the trendy restaurants and trattorias, stay for the mostly Italian atmosphere and constantly buzzing street action.


Queen West

The overly trendy and effete rule here, and Vogue subsequently dubbed this ‘hood the second-hippest district in the world, second only to Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa—hip, hipster, hooray!



European ambience rules the day in one of the city’s most family friendly (and quickly expanding) zones.


RosedaleScreen Shot 2016-09-20 at 9.59.32 AM

Old money is abound here, and you can find much of it invested in a breathtaking collection of the city’s oldest—and most sumptuous—houses.



For those who prefer tree-lined streets to high-rises and parkland to the concrete jungle.



One of the longest urban lakefronts in the world, the city has put millions into renewing Toronto’s lakeshore and you’re always bound to find activities galore here.



A formerly tame North Toronto staple undergoing rapid development to supplant King West as Toronto’s new ‘it’ neighbourhood.



A stylish fusion of historic charm and modern opulence—sure, a bit bougie at times, but that comes with the territory (literally)!


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